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Mack's Pillow Soft Earplugs - White 2 pairs

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Mack's original "Pillow Soft" silicone earplugs. Suitable for sleeping, snoring and flying, swimming, surfing, glue ear, and general noise. Easy to use, supremely comfortable.

The soft silicone putty moulds to your ears for a unique waterproof and airtight fit. These earplugs adhere gently across the opening to the ear canal so there's no risk of them falling out. Noise Reduction Rating: 22dB.

Each pair lasts approx 5 uses with careful daily/nightly use.
  • The original silicone earplugs
  • Snore proof
  • Helps relieve flying discomfort
  • Waterproof
  • Helps prevent swimmers ear
  • Noise reduction rating 22 decibels (when used as directed)
  • Swim, sleep, study, shower, work, travel, sports, loud events, flying discomfort, and more.

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1.    Ensure hands and ear canals are clean and dry.
2.    Roll the entire earplug into a ball using the palm of your hand.
3.    Place plug over the ear opening and flatten to form airtight seal.
4.    Make sure not to push plug into ear canal.

When wanting to loosen and remove the plugs, pull down gently on your ear lobe and press up behind your ear canal.

Discard the ear plugs if they are soiled or no longer sticky (after 3-5 uses). When flying ensure you wear the plugs for the entire flight.

Constructed from hypoallergenic silicone putty.

Even though these ear plugs are non-toxic, they should be kept away from children when not in use as if swallowed, they may intefere with breathing or become lodged in the wind-pipe.

Use whole ear plug and make sure they are not cut, broken apart or elongated. Ensure they cover the ear and are not forced into the ear canal.

Do not use when scuba diving or when at depths of over 10 feet.

Use only as directed.

NRR 22



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