Guide To Custom Ear Plugs |

Guide To Custom Ear Plugs

Custom ear plugs are designed and made to fit  every shape of ear and offer many advantages over traditional ear plugs, such as better quality of sound, maximum comfort and a cost effective way to help protect your ears from infections, hearing loss and deafness.

Now with new studies linking hearing loss with life limiting chronic diseases such as chronic kidney disease and diabetes, prevention could not be more important. Currently 10 million Brits suffer from a form of hearing loss, but by 2031, 14.5 million Brits are expected to suffer. Furthermore, the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) also links hearing loss to depression, cognitive decline and anxiety considerably affecting the mental well-being of millions of people.

The beauty of custom fit ear plugs are that you will never find a more perfect fit or level of protection, plus the ear plugs that can be found at the store are made from non-allergenic medical grade material.

What is so great about them?

Most custom ear plugs are designed to last up to four years. Although custom ear plugs are more expensive than traditional ear plugs, such as foam ear plugs, they last longer, giving them a cost effective advantage.

  • Made with medical grade silicon

  • Fitted with filter for a more even attenuation. This allows you to hear more clearly than you would with traditional ear plugs

  • Easy to insert, remove and clean

  • Can never be worn incorrectly as they are designed to fit to individual's ear

  • These ear plugs are ideal for any situation and profession, from leisurely swimming in a pool to working on construction sites

  • Considered the most effective ear plugs in the market

What custom ear plugs can be found at ?

There is a great deal of different types of custom ear plugs all designed with a specific situation in mind. You can find ear plugs that are suitable to wear when shooting, attending a concert, when playing on a DJ deck and when riding a motorcycle among many others.

We would recommend that professional musicians and DJs have a pair of custom ear plugs as it is imperative that your ears are provided with the best protection available. Here are just a few of the ear plugs we think DJs and budding musicians should wear:

•    ProGuard Custom Earsonics Pro-Musicians Ear Plugs
•    ProGuard Custom Attenuating Ear Plugs

 Proguard Custom Earsonics Pro Musician Ear Plugs Proguard Custom Attenuating Ear Plugs

ProGurad Earsonics Pro Musician ear plugs provide the best protection from excessive sound levels


TheseProGuard Attentuating ear plugs can help protect against hearing symptoms such as tinnitus


ProGuard Custom Fleximonitors ear plugs are deisgned to tailor precisely to your ear for the ultimate in comfort.

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