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Hearing Advice For Motorcyclists

Ear plugs for motorcyclists can really make a difference to your riding experience as it can improve your confidence and performance when on the road. There are many other advantages to wearing motorcycle ear plugs, they protect you from wind and road noise, protect you from helmet noise, but most of all from any irreversible hearing damage. 

Hearing damage can even occur when you are in the drive as some motorcycles can reach an astonishing 120 decibels (dB) when fully revved without moving. This is an extremely dangerous level especially as hearing damage can occur after being exposed to noises above 85dB.

Why is protection so important?

There are a few regulations that motorcyclists must adhere to under the Rules for Motorcyclists as stated on the DVLA website. Under General Guidance 83 – 88, it is explained that motorcyclists must wear a protective helmet; they advise that you should wear eye protectors that comply with the regulations and should consider wearing hearing protection.


•    New research has found a link between hearing loss and chronic diseases. These diseases include:

-    Chronic kidney disease
-    Alzheimer’s
-    Heart disease
-    Diabetes

•    For every three decibels over 85dB (the considered safe volume of noise that can be heard without protection), the exposure time is halved. Here are some examples, bearing in mind a motorcycle can reach up to 120dB:

-    You can hear a 88dB sound for four hours
-    You can hear a 91dB sound for two hours
-    You can hear a 94dB sound for an hour
-    You can hear a 97dB sound for half an hour
-    A motorcycle creating a sound measured at 120dB can be heard without running the risk of temporary or permanent damage for less than 0.234375 minutes

Wind noise occurs when travelling at a high speed and can seriously affect your hearing, which is why motorcyclist ear plugs are such a crucial part of protective wear. They are specifically designed to fit under a helmet, making them extremely comfortable to wear at all speeds, to reduce noise levels for you to hear more coherently as well as protecting your hearing. Wind noise can become a stressful part of riding a motorcycle or racing one, however with ear plugs for motor racing the only stress you will be experiencing is from winning the competition.

Wind gusts can also have an effect on your ability to steer the motorcycle as well as damaging your hearing. Evidently the power of the wind gusts cannot be controlled, but the damage it can cause to your hearing can be.

Road noise is similar to wind noise, it is a problem which no one can control. They commonly come from other vehicle parts such as their engine, their tyres and also the noise coming from your own engine and tires. Every noise from each vehicle is audibly different and generates different levels of damaging noise; theoretically the bigger the engine the louder the level of noise generated and the more damaging.

When it comes to protecting yourself from hearing damage, not only will you have to be protecting yourself from wind and road noise, you will also need to protect yourself from helmet noise. Helmet noise occurs when air comes up under the neck of the helmet and makes an incredibly uncomfortable level of noise. Ear plugs when worn correctly can reduce this level of noise and make your riding experience a lot more enjoyable and stress free.

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Safety always comes first to riders and the same precautions should be applied to your hearing when on the road. A simple solution to this is the use of motorcycle ear plugs such as Alpine MotoSafe. They are designed to be worn at high speeds and under a helmet as well as reducing the harmful sounds to a safer volume. Wearing Apline’s motorcycle ear plugs are a great way to prevent any irreversible hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ear canal).

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