Protect Your Hearing When Clubbing |

Protect Your Hearing When Clubbing

There is nothing else better than being in a club and enjoying the good music with all your friends around you. The music played creates a euphoric atmosphere that can be only be produced by club speakers and for a few hours you can feel on top of the world. There is a down side to this though; it can seriously damage your hearing after a long time. This is even true for DJ’s and bar staff who work in the clubs on a regular basis. Being subjected to loud music in a club where the music can reach to approximately 120 decibels can be extremely damaging to your hearing.

The solution to the problem is to wear ear plugs, but if you are concerned about the aesthetics of wearing them there are ear plugs for noise reduction that are very small and discreet. The main advantage of wearing them is that in decades to come, you will still be able to enjoy music as much as you do now.


You hear a lot of people complaining about the levels of noise in clubs, complaining that they have a sore throat due to having to shout over the music just to communicate and complain they suffer from ringing ears. Using ear plugs can stop much of this complaining and allow you to have a better clubbing experience. The best thing about using the ear plugs is that it can actually intensify and clarify the music being played.

Mack’s Safe Sound Ear plugs are the best choice for general noise reduction, reducing the volume by approximately 30 decibels. The plug moulds to the shape of your outer ear, allowing for ultimate comfort and to safe guard your hearing.

We recommend:

•    Mack’s Safe Sound Ear plugs
•    Proguard Noizezz Universal Earplugs SNR 24 dB
•    ACS ER20 Generic Fit Ear Plugs

DJs and Musicians

At  we understand that as the DJ it is your responsibility to provide your listeners with an unforgettable night and to do so you need good hearing. Preservation is the important part of a DJ’s hearing health as you need to accurately judge when to time a drop in and have everyone going crazy for the music, then there comes blending the tunes together and listening to clubbers’ requests. A lot goes on in a nightclub and due to you being so close to the speakers, an unnerving amount of damage can be caused if you don’t wear specialised DJ ear plugs.

We recommend:

•    ProGuard Custom Attenuating Ear Plugs
•    ProGuard Custom Musicians and DJs Ear Plugs
•    Alpine MusicSafe Pro Ear Plugs


 Apline PartyPlug Ear Plugs

Keep the party going without damaging your hearing with Alpine Party Plug ear plugs


Enjoy the music without hearming your hearing with the help of Macks Hear Plugs ear plugs


Having ringing in your ears after a party? Try Etymotic ER20 High Fidelity ear plugs and see what they can do for you


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