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Take Care Of Your Hearing While Exercising

It may seem a strange thing to think that it is advisable for you to wear ear plugs whilst exercising, but if you do exercise regularly, earplugs can help improve your performance and protect hearing. This is especially so if water sports is high on the exercising agenda. Swimmer's ear is one of the most common of ear infections that can be easily be prevented by wearing ear plugs.

Swimmer's Ear

Swimmer’s ear is caused by too much moisture in the ear canal, which breaks down the skin allowing for bacteria and fungi to grow and cause an infection. This is a very painful infection that can be easily prevented by using waterproof ear plugs.

Mack’s Aqua Block Ear plugs are ideal for using when in the water; they are water tight, moulding to the shape of your ear for comfort and practicality. These ear plugs are also washable and reusable. If there are any queries on how to care for and maintain your ear plugs, take a look at How to care for your ear plugs.

Facts about Swimmer’s ear

•    Symptoms include: inflamed ear canal, ear becomes red and sore making it sensitive to touch
•    Other symptoms can include vertigo or dizziness, but this is rare
•    Bacteria can manifest when water is present in the canal, which can result in the infection
•    You may see a colourless, white or yellow discharge coming from your ear
•    In serve cases this discharge can be bloody
•    Water can wash away ear wax, which provides your ears with a protective layer
•    Avoid itching

We recommend:

•    Mack's Aqua Blocks Ear Plugs
•    Mack's Ear Seals Ear Plugs

General Exercise

Ear plugs are a great way to keep a calm and meditative state of mind whilst exercising. This can be useful whilst doing yoga, zen fitness or general exercise where you feel the need to be concentrating and don’t need any distractions.

We recommend:

•    Heartech SilentEar Ear Plug
•    Mack's Safe Sound Slim Fit Ear Plugs
•    ProGuard Noizezz Universal Ear Plugs SNR 33dB

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