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Hearing Advice For Musicians

Enjoy the sound of great music for longer with the help of protective earplugs when performing or going to concerts and gigs. Wearing earplugs will ensure that you will return home with memories rather than ear pain. Amplified rock concerts can reach approximately 110-130 db, which can damage your hearing after 3.75-30 minutes of exposure per day, which can be more damaging for musicians who tend to go on tours. Kitting yourself out with some ear plugs suitable for musicians and music lovers, will help you protect from health concerns like tinnitus and hearing loss.

Earplugs for Musicians

Being a musician or working alongside a musician can be seen as a glamorous job, but it does have its downsides too. Working with instruments for long periods of time and on a regular basis can have an effect on your hearing as you can be exposed to high audio levels and peaks. Your ears can go into self-protect mode when sound levels are extremely high and the transmission from what you’re playing and what you are hearing can become muffled. There are a few health concerns when it comes to being exposed to harmful sound levels such as hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis, these can be extremely difficult or impossible to treat. An essential item to wear on stage or in the studio is earplugs. They can reduce the level of sound, which could also improve your band’s performance and with flat level attenuating earplugs they will help protect your ears as well.

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FACT: Band practises can reach approximately 110–120 decibels, 30–40 decibels higher than normal.

Musicians with Hearing Loss

Action on Hearing Loss is a new campaign aimed to encourage those in the music industry as well as music fans to come prepared with ear plugs. Supporting the campaign are some famous faces who have also shared their stories concerning hearing loss and how it has affected their lives. Chris Martin from Coldplay, Plan B and Gary Numan are the three musicians who are backing the Action on Hearing Loss campaign, but there are many other artists how suffer from tinnitus including:

•    Ozzy Osbourne
•    Neil Young
•    Phil Collins
•    Jeff Beck
•    Will.i.am
•    Pete Townshend

Earplugs for Concerts and gigs

With a pair of specially made earplugs you can enjoy the music safely because they mitigate the negative effects that amplified gigs can have, so you can enjoy free-flowing, auditory goodness without permanently damaging your ear canal and ear drum. They have been designed specifically to prevent you missing out on the rock experience, allowing you to jump around and enjoy yourself, without having to think about the effects it could have on your hearing.  If you like to stand near the speaker and get a better view of your favourite band it is a good idea to wear some earplugs as it could have deafening effects at least cause your ears to ring.

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FACT: Amplified rock concerts can reach approximately 110-130 db, which is over 128 to 512 times as loud.

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