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Travelling In Peace And Quiet

Travelling can either be a joy or a pain; but normally there is constant noise either from the engines or the cries of children, constant queues and constant strain with delays. Most of the time at least one of these things happens and there is normally nothing you can do about it, but there is a way to stop the noise getting too much, or prevent your ears from popping when the plane is taking off. Wearing ear plugs for flying can help make sure your journey is as pleasant as it can be.

Tips for flying when you suffer from ear pain or temporary hearing loss

•    The Eustachian tubes, which controls the air pressure in your ear canal doesn’t open properly when you’re asleep, so try to be a awake an hour before landing
•    Try yawning, sucking a boiled sweet or chewing gum
•    Keep swallowing – drinking water helps
•    If your child suffers, feeding them while you’re taking off or landing may help
•    Wear ear plugs when taking off, but not during the descent

Are you flying on a long haul flight and are you a light sleeper? It could be a great idea to get some ear plugs. Remember you don’t know who will be on the same flight; there could be loud speakers or noisy sleepers particularly those tha, who will keep you up throughout the night. If flying isn’t something you enjoy getting flying ear plugs can help you relax whilst on board, allowing you to find a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

On our online store you will find Cirrus Healthcare Earplanes are ideal for flying and general travelling, made out of silicone that moulds to the shape of your ear for maximum comfort. They help relieve flying discomfort and are approved by doctors.

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•    Cirrus Healthcare EarPlanes Kids
•    Alpine FlyFit Ear Plugs

For long haul flights and sleepers who can only get limited shut eye, it may also be a good idea to bring along an eyeshade in your hand luggage. There will always be people wanting to watch films throughout the flight or reading to the early hours or passengers who won’t sleep at all, so block them out with the help of ear plugs and an eyeshade.

Eyeshades we recommend:

•    Mack's Dreamweaver Sleep Mask
•    Mack's Shut-Eye Shade
•    Mack's Dreamgirl Sleep Mask

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