Custom Moulded Earplugs: what’s it all about?

There are a hell of a lot of earplugs out there. At alone, we have hundreds. Different products suit different people. Today, though, we’re going to the top of the line. These are the plugs that the professionals rely on if they want to keep their hearing intact. Musicians, drivers and building workers all make use of custom moulded earplugs. So what are they, how to they work, and why do they rock?

What are custom moulded earplugs?

Custom moulded earplugs are simply earplugs that are created to perfectly fit one particular set of ears. As such, they’re simply perfect for the one person who wears them: they’re ridiculously comfy, because they’re created solely to completely fit you. You could wear a pair of custom moulded earplugs for days at a time and completely forget they’re there. You know that feeling when you get a pair of headphones that are so well suited that you forget you’re wearing them? Well, that. But with earplugs.

How do they work?

Much the same as normal earplugs, really. They’re typicall delivered in a protective storage/carrying pouch and accompanied with a tube of lubricant (most commonly petroleum jelly) which is applied during the initial break-in period of you getting used to wearing the plugs. Because the plugs are crafted to your ear shape, they’ll feel a little bit tighter than any other earplugs you’ve worn.

What are the benefits of them?

Because the ear-plugs are suited to the ears, there is absolutely no gap once they’re put in. There is no danger of noise leakage (or indeed of water leakage, for anyone suffering from a bit of swimmer’s ear). Because there’s no gap, no noises can leak through. If you are constantly exposed to noise hazards at work, then custom earplugs could be the best investment you ever make.

The quality of the earplugs itself is also higher than that of the standard models.  Custom moulded earplugs can be used continually over a long period of time, so the up-front cost is usually well worth it.

It’s almost inevitable that the earplugs will inevitably go missing here or there, or get trodden on, or eaten by the dog! Fortunately, the impressions made into the mould will usually last for up to five years . This means that the wearer can contact the maker and order a replacement, or (if they’ve used their own mould) simply make a new set themselves.

They’re also flexible

Another key benefit to custom earplugs is that they can include specific filters. What does this mean in real terms? That they can be tailored to block out specific noises, but not others. So, for instance, if you work on a construction site you might wish to block out that massive, deafening drill without blocking off the sounds of your work-mates chatting. Your headphones can be filtered to do this.  Of course, you might want to block off your work mates, too…

Our products

At, we stock a wide range of custom moulded earplugs at different price points. Our top of the range products are the ProGuard Custom P2+1 Precision In Ear Monitors, but we also stock a range of products from the ProGuard series, which are all absolutely top drawer. If you’d prefer the DIY approach, both EAR Inc and ProGuard have mould-your-own versions.

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