Industrial ear protection – why you need it

On numerous occasions, we’ve covered the potential damage that can be caused by exposure to noise (and that it probably takes less noise than you think to start wrecking your hearing).  Today, we’re going to look at a specific area: work.   What are the risks of noise at work, and why are industrial ear plugs so essential?

First things first, how can you tell if there’s a noise problem at work?

If you’d answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, the chances are you’re probably being exposed to some hazardous noise during your working day.

  • Are there any intrusive noises – such as busy streets, vehicles or even things like vacuum cleaners – on-site that continue through the day?
  • Do you find yourself having to consistently raise your voice when talking to nearby colleagues?
  • Do you use noisy power tools for more than half an hour each day?
  • Do you work in an industry which is naturally loud? Good examples would be construction, demolition, road repair, woodworking, plastics processing and engineering.

Whose responsibility is it to deal with the noise hazards?

The law currently states that your employer has to evaluate what levels of noise you’re exposed to, and then assess the risk to their employee’s hearing.

If the levels of exposure are excessive, it’s the responsibility of your employer to provide you with hearing protection, and that’s only if the noise can’t be ‘engineered’ out by putting in screens or barriers.  However, whilst that process is taking place, it is well worth you picking up your own protection if there’s none immediately available at your place of work.  Even a days’ experience can be dangerous


At AllEarPlugs, we stock a range of ear plugs that are perfect for regular industrial use.  You can click here to go straight to our industrial page, which contains a range of individual ear plugs as well as some that are sold in bulk.  If you’re unsure which to go for, we’d recommend the following models:

  • For total comfort.  The ProGuard Mould Your Own Earplugs are perfect for creating a snug fit tailored exactly to your ears.  This means that they have a level of comfort and industrial ear protection that’s almost unrivalled: perfect if you need to keep them in all day!  With a noise reduction of 24dB, they’ll cut down almost any noise.
  • For filtered noise reduction.  If you work somewhere like a building site, actually blocking out everything could be potentially dangerous: you’ll still want to hear someone warn you that there’s a tripping hazard nearby! The Surefire EP3 Sonic Defenders will still allow you to hear routine sounds and conversations by filtering only sounds above a dangerous level of 85dB.  Again, they have a noise reduction filter of 24dB.
  • For sheer volume.  If you’ve got a lower budget but want to stock up on genuine, high-quality plugs, then the Moldex 7800 Spark Plugs are a great choice.  With over 200 pairs included in the box, you’ll have enough for not far off a whole year’s worth of work.  These earplugs are also very popular with motorcyclists.
  • Bulk at a higher budget.  If you want quality and have a higher budget to work with, Mack’s Pillow Soft Earplugs are a great choice.  Coming supplied in a box of 200, they are made using soft silicone putty, and will mould to the ears of the wearer, ensuring a snug, noise-blocking fit.

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