Save Your Hearing Campaign: A Clay Shooter’s Response

Back in February this year we launched our #Saveyourhearing campaign, designed to spread the awareness of hearing loss, tinnitus and deafness.

Throughout the year we have been delighted to gain support from leading sportsmen and women along with well-known bands across the globe and an incredible array of publications and blogs that cover everything from swimming and music to construction, shooting and hospitality.

The music industry was naturally our first port of call and once we had secured the backing of the Cancer Bats, While She Sleeps and The Blackout, word of #Saveyourhearing quickly spread across the Atlantic. American metal band, Edge of Paradise also got in touch to lend their support for the campaign.

It is always great to hear from people who have heard about our campaign and support our cause. After gaining the support of Stuart Clarke, a clay shooter with over 20 major championships to his name,. clay pigeon shooting fanatic Corey Honess got in touch with us to throw his weight behind the campaign due to his first-hand experience of tinnitus (have a listen to hear what tinnitus sounds like) and often sees fellow clay shooters practising without any hearing protection. 

Corey was first introduced to clay shooting in December 2014 at a corporate day, and has since been shooting on a regular basis. Shooting with colleagues and his step-father, Corey is keen to shoot as much as possible to perfect his aim, using the Fareham CTC ground and Southdowns Gun Club for registered competitions.

“I first became aware of the #Saveyourhearing campaign in Clay Shooting Magazine, with a fellow clay shooter stating that he was supporting the campaign,” said Corey.

 “I have previously experienced ringing in my ears after shooting and I knew it was because I was not wearing ear protection, or if I did it was not worn correctly. I didn't want to have lasting damage. The campaign makes me realise again how important it is and how people need to know how dangerous it can be.

“I see people without protection on a regular basis, mostly at local, small club shoots, and usually the young are those without it. I carry extra disposables with me in case others require them, and I always offer them to those without in an attempt to aid others,” added Corey.

It is always great to hear from people who resonate with our campaign and hear their stories. Since we launched our campaign we have managed to reach a potential five million-plus people, and although this is an impressive number it isn’t enough!

It is expected that 14.5 million people in the UK will suffer some form of hearing loss by 2031, so please help us spread awareness for hearing health and use the hashtag #Saveyourhearing.

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