What are ear defenders? A complete guide

If you’re hunting down protection for your ears, the chances are you’ve already come across ear plugs.  Whilst they work well, having plugs inserted into the ear canal just isn’t for everyone!  If you find traditional ear plugs a bit uncomfortable, then you should definitely consider the merits of ear defenders.

What are ear defenders?

If you’ve worn ear muffs before, the chances are you’ll recognise the design of ear defenders. The difference is, of course, that ear defenders are constructed specifically to reduce the impact of noise.  Essentially, they offer the same benefits as earplugs for people who aren’t fans of anything ‘in-ear’.

Doesn’t that mean they’re just flash ear-muffs?

No. Ear defenders might look similar, but the materials used are completely different: they’re specifically manufactured to cut down noise hazards. Even basic level ear defenders are used every day by builders, highway maintenance and any other profession where noisy tools are part of the job.

Are there any extra features?

This largely comes down to how far up the price ladder you’re prepared to go.  Top end ear defenders are feature-heavy.  A pair of professional ear defenders like the Deben Supreme Pro Digitals offer features such as digital electronic sound reproduction, an audio input for connecting external sources, the ability to choose which frequency of noises you filter out and optimum sound direction location.

If you move to the other end of the scale, then ‘features’ as such aren’t common.  However, even a pair such as Mack’s Shooters Double Up will provide you with a 34dB noise reduction and a comfortable, lightweight design.  Whatever your price point, you’ll be able to cut down the risk of any noise damage.

Who are ear defenders for?

Well, as we mentioned above, they’re suitable for anyone that regularly has to deal with loud noises, whether at work or at home.  They’re designed specifically to be comfortable during long periods of wear, which isn’t always the case with cheaper earplugs.  As such, they’re ideal for:

  • Tradespeople who regularly work with loud machinery
  • Those who work in loud environments (such as performance venues)
  • Motorsport fans
  • Shooting enthusiasts
  • Frequent flyers

And essentially, anyone that wants to protect their hearing!

How much to ear defenders cost?

As with many forms of ear protection, ear defenders can vary quite substantially in price.  If you simply want a budget pair to be worn once a week, then you can pick up a pair such as THIS for less than £15, and you’ll get more than your money’s worth. Higher level professional ear defenders are of course more expensive, with top-of-the-line models fetching more than £150.  Of course, for that price you’re getting a product that will last you for years.

Ear defenders for kids

One of the major benefits of ear defenders is that they are absolutely great for the little people in your family.  More often than not, young children aren’t a fan of in-ear things at all.  Fortunately, brands like Baby-Baz and EDZ stock ear defenders specifically made to be comfortable for your little ones.

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