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Baby Banz Swimming Goggles

A must for your little ones holiday bag are a pair of our fantastic baby banz swimming goggles, a perfect match for our earplugs and headbands to keep your holidays happy and healthy.

One of the key parts of ensuring that your little ones enjoy swimming is ensuring that they feel completely comfortable with being in the water: giving them a comfortable, safe pair of goggles remains one of the best ways to do so.

The Baby Banz Swimming Goggle range is ever-popular with our customers. Available at under £10, they’re perfect for both boys and girls aged 3+. They’re comfortable enough to be worn for slightly longer periods of time, and are secure enough to prevent water leaking in. They’re manufactured using tough and durable poly-carbonate, so you can ensure that they’ll last for a fair few years. What’s more, they also come complete with a rocket shaped hard case ideal for taking into school.