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Healthcare: Ear Drying

Excess water in the ear canal can remove unhelpful levels of ear wax and soften/crack the skin, allowing bacteria to grow and infections to spread.

With our range of ear drying products, you can be sure that any excess moisture in the ear is removed and that any infections are kept at bay.


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Mack's Ear Dryer

A safe natural way to dry your ears! Designed by an ENT doctor to safely and effectively dry the outer ear canal where bacteria can grow and cause infections. Includes...

Cirrus Healthcare ClearEars Earplugs - 5 pairs

Introducing the world’s first water absorbing earplugs. ClearEars are the revolutionary new earplugs from Cirrus Healthcare Products LLC, the makers of leading healthcare brands EarPlanes, CloudSoft and BioEars. Ideal for...

Mack's Dry n Clear - Ear Drying Aid

Mack's Dry-n-Clear ear drops have been designed to relieve the discomfort after swimming, bathing, showering and water sports. It drys the water from inside the ear. 100% Safe. Formulated with...
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Dry Ears Ear Drying Spray - 30ml Dry Ears Ear Drying Spray - 30ml

Dry Ears Ear Drying Spray - 30ml

DryEars is an ear drying aid which is designed to relieve unpleasant symptoms and to help prevent ear infections caused by trapped water in the ear. Features include: Helps to...
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