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EarPeace Earplugs come with 3 plugs and an aluminum case with a durable carabiner. EarPeace Earplugs are engineered to deliver the superior sound-quality and ultra low profile of custom ear plugs, at a fraction of the cost. The attenuation filters allow a small, precise amount of unobstructed sound to enter the ear. You get great sound at a lower volume and the background noise is filtered out.

EarPeace Earplugs from the USA has a high fidelity design delivering a crisp, clear sound perfect for musicians, DJ’s, and club goers in fact anyone who wants to appreciate the music without the ringing in their ears.


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EarPeace HD High Fidelity Earplugs

These Ear Peace HD High Fidelity Ear Plugs are a dynamic new ear plug that deliver high quality, crisp sound whilst still protecting your hearing. Other Features Include: Includes 2...
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