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Shooting: Equine Ear Plugs

Equine earplugs are fantastic at calming horses who are easily scared from loud noises and keeps them focused when there is a lot of distraction. Anyone involved in equine activities knows how important it is to help keep the horses calm. After all, a startled horse is one that will be quite happy to dislodge its rider! That’s why Allearplugs.com stock two high quality ranges of equine earplugs.

They are designed to be soft and comfortable so that the horses doesn’t experience any irritation whilst greatly reduce loud and distracting noises.


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Pomms Premium Equine Earplugs for Horse & Pony

Pomms Premium Equine Ear Plugs are designed to greatly reduce loud and distracting noises whilst still allowing your horse to hear within a normal tonal range. This is both soothing...

LeMieux Lambskin Equine Earplugs for Horses

LeMieux Lambskin equine earplugs are very soft and more acceptable to horses due to the natural feel and look. These equine earplugs are very easy to put in and remove....
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