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Healthcare: Pill Boxes

Finding a pill dispenser that works for you can simplify your life and increase your success with medication compliance.

Many times doctors prescribe multiple medications: One is daily, another twice a day, and yet another may be before meals and bedtime and a decent pill box can help you to keep track of those medications with ease.


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Acu-Life AM/PM Pill Box

The AM-PM Pill Box has two compartments for organizing medication. The small size is perfect for travel and everyday use. Features Include: Two Compartment Pill Box - Morning and Afternoon...

Acu-Life Round Pill Pod

Single compartment round pill pod. Also available in plastic display tubs. Features Include: Lid snaps firmly shut Sturdy Plastic

Acu-Life One Week Push Button Pill Box

Getting organized takes most of the frustration out of taking medications Features Include: Push button for easy opening. Extra-large size for increased capacity. Braille markings for the sight-impaired Curved base...

Acu-Life One Week Plus Today Pill Box

The One Week Plus Today Organizer is a great way for organizing your pills. Size: 6 7/8” X 4 3/8” X 3/4” Features Include: Dispenses four times a day: morning,...

Acu-Life Kidney Shaped Pill Box

Three-compartment kidney-shaped pill box. Also available in plastic display tubs. Features Include: Super slim design Lid snaps firmly shut Plastic Assorted Colors
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Acu-Life Daily Pill Box

Acu-Life Daily Pill Box

Easily plan daily medication or vitamins with this compact organizer. Size: 3 7/8” W X 3/4” X 7/8” Features Include: Easy to read - marked for morning, noon, evening and...

Acu-Life 7 Day Pill Box

Available in Small, Medium and Large with the following dimensions: Small - Compartment Size - 0.9” X 0.6” X 0.6”. Medium - Compartment Size - 1” X 0.75” X 0.75"....
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