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PPE, Dust Masks & Filters

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Acu-Life Concave Adjustable Eye Patch

The Acu-Life Concave Eye Patch is ideal for protecting your eye from dirt and infection after surgery or an eye injury. It is suitable for a number of medical uses...

Moldex 2360 FFP1 NR D - Classics Dust Mask - Pack of 3

The Moldex 2360 disposable respirator (dust mask) is suitable for non-toxic dusts, fumes and water based mists. This FFP1 (an FFP1 respirator will filter at least 80% of airbourne particles)...

Moldex 5984 FFABEK1 P3 RD Disposable Half Mask

Moldex 5984 Disposable Half Mask with A1B1E1K1 Gas/Vapour Cartridge and P3D Filters. "The 5000 Series" from Moldex are convenient and easy to use. Supplied pre-assembled for use in most gas...

Moldex 6451 Twisters Trio Corded Ear Plugs - 50 Pair Box

The 6451 Twisters Trio are a brand new, reusable ear plug which boasts a noise reduction rating of 33dB. Features Include: Large handle for easy insertion & removal No rolling...

Moldex 8080 P3 RD Particulate Filters - 1 Box (8 Filters)

Particulate filters with pleated Filter Technology: significantly reduces breathing resistance, improves wearer comfort & reduces fatigue Particulate filters tested and certified to EN 143:2000 A1:2006 Features Include: P3-Suitable protection against...

Moldex 8172m - 8000 Series A1 & P2 RD Medium Size Reusable Half Mask

The 8000 Series from Moldex are cost effective, reusable respirators providing high performance and low maintenance protection. Purpose designed for enhanced wearer comfort and improved field of vision, the 8000...
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Moldex 8982-25 Series Reusable Half Face Mask Moldex 8982-25 Series Reusable Half Face Mask

Moldex 8982-25 Series Reusable Half Face Mask

Moldex 8000 Series Half Mask Ready for use, supplied with 2 Moldex cartridges A1B1E1K1 and particulate prefilters P3 RD.Body is made of soft TPE material which is gentle on the...
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Moldex 9000 Series Full Face Respirator Moldex 9000 Series Full Face Respirator

Moldex 9000 Series Full Face Respirator

Technologically advanced features position the 9000 full face respirator as the leader in its field. The exclusive over-molded lens design eliminates the usual heavy clamping frame to create an innovative...

Moldex 9030 P3 R Particulate Filters - 1 Box (12 Filters)

Moldex 9030 P3 R Particulate Filters to suit Moldex 7000 Series Half Face Masks and 9000 Series Full Face Masks. Can be used alone for particulate protection or combined with...

Moldex 9400 ABEK1 Organic Gas Filters / Cartridges - 1 Box (10 Filters)

Moldex 9400 ABEK1 Gas Filter Cartridges to suit Moldex 7000 Half Face Masks & 9000 Series Full Face Masks. Organic gases and vapours, boiling point > 65 deg C 1000...

Moldex 3405 FFP3 Face Mask for Dust, Mist & Fumes - Box of 5

Moldex 3405 FFP R D 3000 Series masks provide protection against Dust, Mist & Fumes. The FFP3 are a reusable,washable full face mask made of comfortable TPE material. The pleated...

B Brand Vegas Safety Glasses

These B-Brand Vegas Safety Glasses from BeeSwift are ultra lightweight and feature a wrap around lens in either Clear, Grey or Yellow. Ultra lightweight Polycarbonate wrap around lens Low impact...

B Brand Florida Safety Glasses

These high performance Florida Safety Glasses from B Brand come equipped with anti fog lenses in Clear, Grey or Red with a ventilated nose and temple for unmatched comfort. Features...
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B Brand Ancona Safety Glasses

The Anocona Safety Glasses from B Brand are ultra lightweight with a wrap around lens which is available in Clear, Grey or Yellow. Features Include: Ultra lightweight Polycarbonate wrap around...
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