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Watersports: Swimming Headbands & Earbands

Designed for use in conjunction with silicone ear plugs, these ear bands offer an extra layer of protection from excess water by holding the ear plugs firmly in place. Made of stretchy neoprene and available in different sizes, you're sure to find a comfortable choice in a colour to suit your tastes.

An adjustable Velcro strap to ensures they fit perfectly and stay in place when in the pool or sea.

These ear bands have been designed to offer unparallel comfort, allowing you to have fun while swimming. No matter what stroke you want to perfect you can spend as much time in the pool or ocean doing it, knowing your ears and hearing are safe from harm


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Mack's Ear Band Swimming Headband

Mack's Ear Band Swimming Headbands are great for swimming and bathing, they helps prevent swimmer's ear. Recommended for swimmers with ear tubes or eardrum perforations. Helps prevent children from removing...
From £7.99

Ear Band-It ULTRA - Hot Pink

Get yourself noticed and start a swimming trend when you wear this Hot Pink Ear Band-It ULTRA headband. 33% thicker and 100% softer than the previous design, this swimming headband...

Ear Band-It ULTRA - True Blue

Confidence is always provided when you wear this all-new True Blue Ear Band-It Ultra headband. It is 33% thicker than the previous design and has been constructed using a custom-designed...

Ear Band-It ULTRA - Camo

33% thicker and 100% softer than the original Ear Band-It, this Ear Band-It ULTRA Camo headband is the new and improved accessory for all swimming enthusiasts. Comfort is provided through...

Ear Band-It Headband - Pink (Magenta)

Ensure that you never lose your ear plugs when you wear this Magenta Ear Band-It adjustable neoprene headband. They are designed to give you peace of mind where ever you...

Ear Band-It Headband - Blue

Adjustable, fun and stylish this Royal Blue Ear Band-It neoprene headband is the ideal accessory for you to wear by the poolside. Designed and manufactured to sit comfortably around your...

Ear Band-It Headband - Aqua (Teal)

Once you have discovered the beauty of wearing this Teal Ear Band-It swimming headband you will never take another dip in the pool without it. Designed to guarantee you never...

Ear Band-It ULTRA - Neon Orange

Wearing this ULTRA swimming headband from Ear Band-It will guarantee that your ear plugs will never fall out. What’s more, the headband is now 33% thicker, which will ensure that...

Ear Band-It ULTRA - Black - Large

The Ear Band-It Ultra - Black is made from custom-designed, super-soft neoprene, which is embossed on one side, providing extra grip and preventing them from slipping off. Giving you the...

Ear Band-It Headband - Red

Get children enthusiastic about protecting their hearing when swimming, by introducing them to this Red Ear Band-It adjustable neoprene swimming headband. Designed to secure ear plugs in the unlikely event...

Ear Band-It ULTRA - Neon Yellow

Make the most out of your time in the pool by wearing this Ear Band-It ULTRA neon yellow swimming headband. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, there is...

Ear Band-It ULTRA - Neon Green

33% thicker and 100% softer than the original Ear Band-It, this Ear Band-It ULTRA neon green headband is the new and improved accessory for all swimming enthusiasts. Comfort is provided...

Ear Band-It Headband - Purple

Tell your kiddy-winks to just keep swimming and never feel guilty about it. This Purple adjustable Ear Band-It swimming headband will protect their hearing and ensure that their ear plugs...

Ear Band-It ULTRA - Tan - Large

With the help of this Ear Band-It ULTRA swimming headband you can practise as many strokes as you wish without feeling as if your ear plugs will fall out or...

Putty Buddies 3 Pairs - Blue, Green & Red

The Putty Buddy Ear plugs are a brand new, super fun way pair of ear plugs for children which incorporate the patented FloTek material that allows them to float if...
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